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When to Fertilize Corn?


You should fertilize corn when planting and late in the growing season.

More Info: Assuming the soil pH is unknown, when initially planting corn till into 100 square feet of soil 3-4 pounds of a commercial fertilizer such as 12-12-12. As soon as the plant has reached a height of 16-18” high side dress the plant with additional fertilizer at a rate of one tablespoon per hill. Fertilize the soil not the plant and water deeply.


Optimal Soil pH for Corn

The best way to tell exactly how much fertilizer and/or soil amendments you will need is to have your soil tested.  Corn prefers a soil ph between 6.0-6.8.

How to Lower Soil pH

You can lower your soil pH with the addition of acidic material such as organic mulches, sphagnum peat, aluminum or iron sulfate, acidifying nitrogen, or elemental sulfur.

How to Raise Soil pH

You can raise the pH of your soil with the addition of wood ash, hydrated lime, and limestone.

Refer to How to Change Your Soil pH, from the Iowa University Extension Service for recommendations on pounds per square foot of amendment in relation to desired soil condition outcomes.



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