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When to Plant Beets



Beet seeds germinate best under cool damp conditions.  They can be planted as soon as the soil can be worked and has reached at least 45°F.

Beet Germination Requirements

Soil temperature is an important factor when sowing seeds.  Seeds germinate best at certain temperatures but can usually be planted at much lower temperatures.  The closer you get to the optimal temperature, the faster they will germinate, and vice versa for lower temperatures.  If seeds are planted at temperatures below the lowest recommended temperature, the germination success rate drops dramatically.

In the case of beets, they will germinate in a range between 45°F to 75°F. (Some sources suggest that the seeds can be planted as low as 40°F but the germination rate may be affected)

They will germinate in 7-14 days depending on the soil temperature.  The colder the temperature the longer they will take to germinate.

Beets Are a Cool Season Crop

Though beets will tolerate warmer weather, they thrive in cooler weather.  Unlike many garden vegetables, they tolerate low temperatures as long as they don’t freeze.  Optimal temperatures for growth are between 60-65°F.

Successive Plantings

To ensure a continuous crop all season long, plant seeds every three to four weeks throughout the season.  Depending on the variety, beets take about sixty days to mature.  Take this into consideration in your successful planting efforts, subtracting days to maturity from the anticipated first frost date for your area.



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