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Where Are Diamonds Found?


Where Diamonds Are Found-Geologically

Diamonds originate from three types of deposits, kimberlite pipes, alluvial gravel, and glacial tills. Kimberlite pipes are subterranean geological structures of kimberlite volcanic rock occurring in the Earth’s crust rising vertically from the mantle to the surface.  Diamonds are formed in the Earth’s mantle under extreme pressure and heat and are delivered to the surface through the kimberlite pipes’ eruptions.  Though diamonds are also found in alluvial gravel and glacial tills, they were likely deposited through kimberlite pipes. [“Diamond”,]

Where Diamonds Are Found-Geographically

Eighty-five million carats are mined annually worldwide.  Though the US does mine diamonds, it accounts for only .4% of the total world’s production.  Two locations mine the most diamonds annually accounting for nearly 60% of the total world’s production—Australia and Congo.  Russia, South Africa and Bostwana lag behind at 17.6, 10.6, and 9.4 respectively.  China trails with an annual diamond output of 1.2% with all other countries combined mining the remaining 3.5%. [“Diamonds”,]


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