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Where Can I Buy a Money Order?


There are many places that you can buy a money order such as banks, credit unions, local retailers, and cash servicing centers.

Why Use a Money Order?

Money orders are similar to cash in that they are a guaranteed method of payment as the cash has already been put out to a third holding party awaiting release to the recipient, somewhat like placing it into escrow until needed.

There are a several situations where a money order is preferable-such as. . .

Personal checks aren’t accepted-Some merchants will not accept a personal check as payment especially if you are going to walk away with goods with only your word that the money is sitting in the bank for them to retrieve.  The money order is secure in that the funds have already been paid and are awaiting release.

You don’t have a checking account-If you don’t have a checking account and want to purchase something by mail, it is much safer to purchase a money order that can be traced if lost than send money through the mail.

Common Places to Buy a Money Order

Here are a few common places to purchase a money order-fees will vary–

US Postal Service, Western Union, Supermarket Chains, Convenience Stores, Walmart, Independent Merchants, and Check Cashing Service Locations.


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