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Where Can I Cash a Money Order?


If you have received a money order as a form of payment recently, you may be wondering where can cash your money order.

It is common for individuals who sell large items of value to request a money order in lieu of a personal check. A money order provides the recipient of the money order with a form of guaranteed payment that is preferable in comparison to a personal check. A vendor or store may also ask for a money order if the person making the payment has written a bad check in the past. These are just some of the reasons why money orders are used.

At the Bank

The bank is one place where you can cash your money order. Before you visit a bank, however, you should consider that some banks will only allow accountholders to cash a money order through their facility. With this in mind, you may take your money order to the bank where you hold a checking or savings account. Typically, this will result in the lowest processing fees, and some banks provide complimentary service on money orders to account holders. If you do not have a checking or saving account, you should consider researching which banks will cash a money order for non-accountholders.

Other Venues

There are other venues that you can use to cash a money order as well. Many grocery stores have a service department that will provide this service to you. There are also check-cashing venues in many cities that also will cash money orders. You should consider calling around before driving in your vehicle to locate a store or retail center that offers this service. By calling around, you can locate different venues that provide this service, and you can also inquire about the processing fee that different venues charge. Some may only charge a nominal fee, and others may charge a fee that is significantly higher.

Money Order Vendors

The most logical place to cash a money order would seem to be with the business that issued it. Ironically, they may sell them, but they do not have to cash them.  For example, large companies such as Western Union operate independent money order agent locations, which establish their own regulations on cashing money orders.



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