Where Can I Cash Traveler's Checks?

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You can cash traveler's checks at a bank, currency exchange, or the traveler's check service locations. 

More Info: Many establishments recognize and accept traveler's checks as payment for goods and services.  If you purchase travelers checks and find that you are in need of cash or local currency you can exchange them at a bank, currency exchange, or in the case of American Express one of the company's service locations.

How to Cash Traveler's Checks

Do your research before purchasing your traveler's checks to ensure that the location to which you are traveling will offer a convenient method to cash your checks.  You don't want to have to travel hundreds of miles to find a local bank that will exchange your checks for local currency.  Companies like American Express make it easy to find the information right online with a convenient travel locator.  You simply insert the destination information and the website will provide you with locations that will accept and/or cash your traveler's checks with a visual map as well.

Understand the Service Provider's Rules for Cashing Traveler's Checks 

After choosing the local bank that will be fulfilling your banking needs while traveling, find out what they will require in order to cash your traveler's checks before you depart.  Some banks will require particular identification while others will set a daily limit on how much they will exchange.  You don't want to travel thousands of miles to discover that the bank requires two forms of photo identification and you have only brought one.


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