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Which has more Vitamin C Strawberries or Oranges?



Strawberries contain more vitamin C per serving than an orange.

More Info: The answer to this question will depend on the serving size indicated, but utilizing the factsheet:  USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 17 Content of Selected Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid ( mg ) Foods per Common Measure, sorted alphabetically, one cup of strawberries is a standard serving measure and contains more vitamin C than a medium standard serving size orange.

Weighing in at 95 mg of vitamin C per cup, strawberries have the most vitamin C in relation to other fruits.  Though oranges are the first fruit that come to mind when considering vitamin C, one medium orange containing 70 mg of vitamin C actually rates fourth behind papaya (85 mg) and kiwi (75 mg) for vitamin C content. Orange juice fares even lower at 50 mg per half-cup serving.


Vitamin C is one of the water-soluble vitamins, which means the body uses it when it needs it and discards the rest.  The fact that the body does not store vitamin C to be used as necessary makes it important to ingest the recommended daily intake because your body will not have the ability to draw it from elsewhere.

At a recommended daily intake of 95 mg daily for men and 75 mg daily for women it is easy to maintain healthy levels by eating a balanced diet containing fruits and vegetables. A one cup serving of strawberries for breakfast and a serving of broccoli with dinner is all it takes.

Did You Know: Vitamin C plays a key role in the formation of collagen making it an important factor in healthy skin, teeth and wound healing?

Did You Know: Though there are commercial suppliers of vitamin C concoctions for colds, no clinical research has proven that it actually works.



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