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Which Vitamins Are Good for Hair and Nails?


The condition of your hair and nails can be indicative of your body’s overall health and well-being. Shiny healthy hair and clear, strong nails can be indicators of good health and nutrition. The best way to care for skin, hair, and nails and improve their condition is to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet full of nutrient-rich foods. Vitamins such as A, C, D, and the B-vitamins can help strengthen your body and improve the look of your hair and nails.

Keeping Nails Healthy

Healthy nails should be smooth and uniform in color and texture, with few or no ridges or discolored spots. They should be strong and not split or break easily. For the healthiest nails, do not pick or pry at things with them, for this can cause breakage and splitting. Also, do not pick at the nails or tear them or the cuticles. In doing this, it is possible to break or tear into the healthy skin around the nail and allow bacteria or fungus to enter the tissue surrounding the nail.

Nutrients and Moisture

Nails need nutrients and moisture just as the skin does. Take special care to apply moisturizer to the nails and the cuticles just as you would treat your skin. Several nutrient-rich moisturizers and creams are available for purchase at local pharmacies or drug stores.

Biotin is one of the best complexes for nail and hair health. Biotin is also called vitamin B-7 and is water-soluble. Fatty acids such as omega 3’s (found in certain types of fish and vegetable oils) are also important for cell growth and protection. These complexes can improve hair and nail texture, appearance, and condition. It is rare to have a deficiency in biotin because the body produces its own, but omega 3 fatty acids are not produced by the body. In order to get enough omega -3’s, be sure to eat foods that are rich in this complex at least three times a week.

Taking Supplements

When mixing supplements, you can encounter dangerous combinations without knowing it, so the best solution for improving the health of your hair and nails would be to eat a proper diet, exercise frequently, and take a multivitamin. Several multivitamin complexes available on the market today are blended specifically for hair and nail health and are safe to take daily.

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