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Why Do I Have So Much Lint?


Daily Lint Screen Cleaning

For the most efficient drying results, you should clean your lint screen before every load.  It is as simple as locating your dryer’s lint trap, rolling the sheet of lint off with your hands and disposing of it, and replacing the lint screen. Do not wash the lint screen with water.  Never run the dryer with a missing lint screen as this can cause overheating and damage the dryer.

Periodic Lint Screen Cleaning

Detergents can build up on your lint screen over time that will begin to obstruct airflow.  Remove the lint screen rinse under water and wash with a nylon brush and mild soap detergent.  Rinse and dry thoroughly and return to the lint trap.

Why Do I Have Excessive Lint?

Many factors could be contributing to your excessive lint problems that are easily resolved.

Laundry Detergent and Lint

Some laundry detergents contain cellulase enzymes that help to remove pills that gather on the surface of fabrics such as cotton, rayon, and linen.  This fuzz removal is found as lint after the wash is complete.  Washing these fabrics with dark clothing can result in the lint being deposited and visible on clothing that is not put through the dryer.  Drying the clothes will remove the lint.

How Much Laundry Detergent

Following your brand of detergent’s guidelines for the correct amount of detergent for the size of load will help to reduce the lint output.  If your home has hard water you may need to slightly increase the recommended measure per load.

Overloading and Lint

Overloading a washer can cause more lint to develop and become trapped in your clothing.

Separate the Lint Producers from the Lint Absorbers

It may seem that you have an excessive lint problem if you are washing fabrics that are generous lint producers in with fabrics that attract lint.  Generous lint producers include terry cloth, cotton sweatpants, and cotton/raymie blends.  Lint attracters include synthetic blends, smooth, dark, or wrinkle-free fabrics.



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