Why Do Shoes Smell?

Author: Jenna Marshall

Shoes smell due to the growth of bacteria.

The armpits, the palms of the hands, and the feet are the three areas of the body that have large sweat glands. Feet perspire causing socks and shoes to become damp, leaving a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. It is the bacteria that cause the smell. The warmer and moister the interior of the shoes become, the faster the bacteria multiply.

How to Prevent Shoes from Smelling

To prevent shoes from smelling you need to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Here are a few steps you can take.

Don't wear wet shoes. If shoes get wet, remove them immediately and let them dry fully before wearing them again.

Do wear socks. Never wear shoes without socks. Socks help to absorb some of the moisture when your foot perspires.

Don't wear shoes two days in a row. Always rotate your shoes day to day to allow the pair you are currently wearing to fully dry out before wearing them again.

Do use a foot deodorizer. If you know that your feet perspire excessively, or you chronically experience foot odor, spray your shoes daily with a foot deodorizer.


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