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Why Does My Washing Machine Leak?


Answer: The most common reason that a washing machine leaks can be traced to the water hoses and their respective components on the back of the machine itself. There may be other causes, some very severe, but the water hoses are usually at fault.

More Info: Loose fittings, couplings, or even damage to the hoses themselves can cause a large amount of water to leak out of the washing machine. Loose gaskets or worn rubber washers can also allow a significant amount of water to escape.

One of the more uncommon reasons that a washing machine could be leaking is damage to the internal structure of the drum. This can be caused by rust. Rust can also damage a variety of other internal parts that could cause serious leaks. It can sometimes be very difficult to check the full interior of the machine for holes caused by rust, and frequently these can be even more difficult to repair.

For washing machines that are loaded from the front, sometimes the door itself may no longer be maintaining a watertight seal, allowing water to spill out during the wash cycle. On certain machines, the cause of the leak may be a hose that runs from the detergent bin into the drum. This hose can sometimes become clogged and allow water to back up and out of the machine.



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