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Why Is My Washing Machine Leaking?


If your washing machine is leaking there are a few troubleshooting measures you can perform before calling in the professionals.  Have the owner’s manual in hand as it will normally list all the parts, or you can go online to research the particular brand and model.

Steps to Take

Here are things to check to take to diagnose and resolve the most common problems:

Oversudsing – using too much detergent can cause leaking, so try reducing the amount of detergent used

Hoses, nozzles – Check all the hoses and their connections. Make sure hoses are not worn out nor have holes in them. Tighten any loose connections. Replace any faulty hoses. Check to ensure fill and overflow nozzles are aligned properly and that they don’t have any cracks in them. The fill nozzle should be squirting into the tub, while the overflow nozzle should be squirting into the drain.

Gaskets – Check all the gaskets. The pump gasket or the gasket between the tub and the splash guard may need to be replaced if they are worn out

Tub – Check for holes in the tub. If there’s a small screw sized hole, you may be able to repair it by removing the washer’s agitator and basket from the shaft, then sealing the hole with a small metal screw, a nut, and two washers. If the hole is larger, then you will need to either replace the tub or the washing machine. If you happen to be good at metalworking, you may also try soldering the hole closed.

Lid seal – Make sure lid is sealing properly and replace the lid seal if necessary

Water inlet valves – Check the valves for cracks and replace any valves with cracks in them

Bolts on pump impellor – If your machine as a pump impellor, loose bolts on it can cause leaking. Tighten any loosened bolts

Note of Caution

Make sure the power is off at the circuit breaker box or fuse box before troubleshooting or repairing a washer. Then turn off the washer if it’s on, and unplug the cord from the electrical outlet. To avoid unpleasant electrical shocks, do not stand in any puddles of water while unplugging the cord or turning the washer off.



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