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Will Bleach Kill Nail Fungus?



Bleach may kill nail fungus.

According to the book “The People’s Pharmacy”, authored by  Joe Graedon and Teresa Graedon, PhD, a solution of one gallon of warm soapy water with one-quarter cup of bleach may help to resolve nail fungus with time and patience.  The book suggests soaking feet for five minutes per day, and to discontinue treatment if any irritation occurs.  Other medical professionals are not so eager to embrace this at home treatment citing the fact that these methods have not been tested and there are scientifically proven medications that will work to treat nail fungus effectively.

Before treatment, you should trim your nails as short as you can, and also file the tops of them to make them thinner. This helps ensure the bleach can reach all the way down into the nail and get to all the fungus. Just make sure you don’t file too far and create an open wound, as the bleach will irritate it and cause further issues. Nail fungus is hard to kill, and if you don’t keep up with treatments, it will reinfect your nails. It is important to keep treating the fungus until all the infected areas of the nail have grown out, and are replaced with new, healthy nail.



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