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Will Glasses Fix a Lazy Eye?



In some cases, glasses will fix a lazy eye.

More Info: Glasses can be one component of an overall treatment plan for lazy eye, a condition in which vision in one eye does not develop properly. Sometimes a pair of glasses is all that is needed for a mild case; usually, however, there is more to the treatment than this.

About Lazy Eye

Lazy eye develops in childhood when the nerves between the brain and the eye are not stimulated properly.  The eye itself does not have any problem. However, the brain begins to rely mostly or exclusively on what becomes the dominant eye, leaving the other to weaken. Eventually, vision is lost in the lazy eye.


The earlier lazy eye is diagnosed and treated, the better the results. This means addressing the problem in early childhood when the eye and nerve pathways are still developing is ideal. Treatment usually involves forcing the brain to start using the weaker eye. This is done by placing a patch over the stronger eye or temporarily weakening it with certain prescription eye drops. Eyeglasses are often an important part of this process: The child is fitted with eyeglasses that help the lazy eye focus better. More serious or advanced cases can require surgery. Older children and adults can sometimes improve their condition by using supervised computer programs that train the eye and improve the function of neural pathways.

It is important to take a child with possible lazy eye to the doctor as early as possible. If the condition is not treated, it can lead to permanent vision loss. In fact, untreated lazy eye is the most common cause of permanent vision loss in one eye for adults, according to the National Eye Institute.



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