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Will My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Water Damage?


Anyone who has ever had to deal with water damage before knows just how stressful it can really be. Water damage is not only destructive to your home, the cleanup process is almost always involves more time and money than anyone ever wants to spend. Perhaps the biggest issue with water damage cleanup is dealing with insurance issues. Water damage is one of the most common claims on homeowner’s insurance. While homeowner’s insurance may cover some aspects of water damage, there are a handful that it won’t. Knowing what your insurance company will and will not cover in a water damage scenario can help you to navigate through the process more smoothly.

Flooding (Household)

Flooding is one of the most common water damage issues reported annually, and many people are shocked to find out that some flooding scenarios are covered, while others are not. The root of the flood is usually considered the determining factor, and there can also be plenty of gray area involved as well. For example, if a pipe bursts during the winter simply because it loses its structural integrity, homeowner’s insurance will generally cover the damage. However, if you had left the house for a vacation and not used heat for two weeks, the damage would be considered your fault, and homeowner’s insurance would not cover it. In other words, if an accident is preventable and you fail to take action, insurance will not come into play.

Flooding (Natural Disaster)

Flooding that results from a natural disaster such as a flooded river or a hurricane is not covered by homeowner’s insurance. You must specifically purchase flooding insurance to be covered in a scenario such as this, and many homeowner’s don’t find this out until it is too late. While homeowner’s insurance may cover some household flooding scenarios, a natural disaster is not one of them.



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