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Will Nail Fungus Grow Out?



Nail fungus will NOT grow out.

Nail fungus does not just grow out. In order to get rid of the fungus the nail has to be treated. There are several forms of treatments available to eradicate nail fungus.

Medication Can Successfully Get Rid of Nail Fungus

Oral medications such as Diflucan are used to treat nail fungus. These types of medications take anywhere from 6-12 weeks for the fungus to clear up. Unfortunately, they can cause many side effects such as liver damage or rashes on the skin. Another medication called Ciclopirox is painted on the affected nail to get rid of the fungus. This type of medication is very slow acting and can take upwards of a year to get rid of the nail fungus.

Holistic Treatments Can Be Successful at Getting Rid of Nail Fungus

Some individuals do have success at getting rid of nail fungus by using natural remedies. Painting tea tree oil or grapefruit extract on the affected nail two times a day for a period of at least two months can help get rid of nail fungus. Ingesting a few cloves of garlic each day can also get rid of nail fungus because garlic has a significant amount of anti-fungal properties. [“Treating Nail Fungus”]



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