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Writing an eMail Cover Letter


Writing an email cover letter is becoming more important as more and more employers are accepting resumes and job applications by email.  Make sure that your email cover letter gets noticed.

An Email cover letter should come from a business like address. may be cute for your friends, but is not suitable for a job application. If necessary create a new address. Email programs sometimes do strange things when re-sending. Write a separate email for each person.


Use a standard font, such as Times New Roman, and avoid abbreviations or Internet slang expressions. An email should present the same professional appearance as any other business correspondence.


Never leave the subject line blank. When the reader scans their email box, the subject line is your opportunity to claim their attention first. An email cover letter should have the same formal address line as any other form of correspondence (Dear Ms. Franklin) instead of simply starting the subject.


Experts recommend that an email cover letter should be no more than one screen in length or around 150 words. Each paragraph must focus on key points:
Paragraph 1 – briefly introduce yourself and explain why you are contacting the reader.
Paragraph 2 – explain how your qualifications fit the reader’s needs.
Paragraph 3 – call for the reader to act, being sure to include a reference to any attachments.


Although an email does not allow an actual signature, you should close with your full name and include your regular mail address and phone number. Do not include quotations or favorite sayings at the end.


Call before sending an email with attachments. Some companies have security measures that do not allow their employees to receive email attachments. If attachments are not allowed, paste other documentation, such as a Resume, after the main email message with several lines between to clearly mark the separation.


Dear Mr. Sanchez,

I am interested in applying for the reporter position with your newspaper. I recently graduated from Murray State University where I wrote for the school newspaper. Mr. Parker, the executive editor, will be happy to provide you with a recommendation.

In addition to a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism, I have lived in this region all my life and have many contacts that would be useful when investigating stories for your publication. My father is editor of the Daily Post in Johnstonville where I spent much of my childhood.

I am available for an interview at your convenience. Please call or email me with the date and time.


Jessica Regis
100 Main Circle
Anytown, KY zipcode



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