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  • do-frogs-hibernate

    Do Frogs Hibernate?

    ANSWER: Frogs do hibernate. More Info: In order to avoid severe temperatures, frog species employ one of two strategies: freeze avoidance or freeze tolerance.  Freeze [...]
  • does-lipstick-contain-fish-scales

    Does Lipstick Contain Fish Scales?

      ANSWER: Lipstick DOES contain fish scales. Fish scales are sometimes added to cosmetics such as lipstick and nail polish to give it the same shimmering affect that [...]

Does Carbonated Water Hydrate You?

by Gabrielle Marks in Spotlight

ANSWER: Carbonated water is merely water with carbonation added and is just as hydrating as water without carbonation. How Is Carbonated Water Made? Carbonated water is [...]


  • signs-drinking-too-much-water
    Water, like any other substance, can harm you if you drink too much. Hyponatremia, otherwise known as water intoxication, occurs when there is a lower-than-normal [...]
  • at-what-temperature-does-water-freeze
    ANSWER: Water freezes at a temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit, 0 degrees Celsius, and 273 degrees Kelvin.—at sea level.   More Info: The freezing point of water [...]
  • how-much-does-water-weigh
    ANSWER: A gallon of water at room temperature weighs 8.33 pounds. Weight of Water per Gallon The most widely accepted simple scientific answer to this question is that a [...]