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Is Nitrogen an Element?

ANSWER: Nitrogen is an element. More Info: Nitrogen can be found on the period table at atomic number 7. Its abbreviation is the letter N, and it has an atomic weight of [Read More...]

Is Nitrogen a Gas?

At standard conditions, nitrogen is found in a gaseous state. As a chemical element, it can be found in each of the known material states, including solid, liquid, gas, and [Read More...]

Is Nitrogen a Noble Gas?

ANSWER: Nitrogen is not a noble gas.  Which Elements Are Noble Gases? The seven elements considered to be noble gases are helium, neon, argon, xenon, krypton, radon and the [Read More...]

Does Nitrogen Burn?

ANSWER: Nitrogen does not burn. More Info: On its own, nitrogen does not burn. It is considered chemically nonreactive. At normal surface temperatures, it does not react with [Read More...]
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